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Friday, April 6, 2012

Synonyms for "unprofessional"

It's evaluation season at my job. This year, I did not receive a raise (I was told the computer decides. Uh-huh, okay).

During the discussion of what was marked as what on my eval. and why, my boss floored me. There was a time a few months back when there was a scheduling mistake, leaving the evening shift short-handed. My boss said that because they were upset that I couldn't stay, they decided my hours should be cut.

How unprofessional is that?! That's like being an Internet troll, only worse because it's a real-life troll!

I was mad that you put your previously arranged plans ahead of making my mistake right, so I'm taking your hours away because you're not a team player and didn't take responsibility for something I did wrong.

I want comments on this: who wants to work for someone who thinks this way?

I sure as hell don't, but I'm not getting many nibbles from anywhere else, so I'm stuck for now.

Also, my hours were cut so much the past couple of weeks (we get paid every two weeks) that the check deposited into my account at midnight barely passed the $20 mark. That is what my time and hard work is worth (and I bust my ass when I'm there). I make my sales goals most days unless we're just painfully slow, I ask people if they'd like to apply for a store card or participate in our magazine program (big part of our eval.; can't force it - no means NO), I help process freight and get it out on the floor, I build fixtures if they need to be built, I clean and straighten things...but I'm supposedly not a team player.

And this week I have to get $10 worth of gas and $10 worth of groceries; most of my husband's check last week went to pay rent and car insurance, so there wasn't much left over from it.

W. T. F.

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