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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Just when the good gets going

I'm becoming convinced that I have a drama magnet hidden somewhere deep inside my body. I've pretty much laid the family drama to rest - finally - and now work drama creeps up.

With the return of a couple of employees who have been on leave for a couple of months, my hours have, once again, been cut. So on Facebook (which I have set to private, mind you) I voiced a little frustration and stated the need to find another/second job. After all, the best way to keep frustration at bay is to vent, right? And a couple of other co-workers commented and so on and so forth. Nothing ripping the company or anyone working there, just voicing frustrations on a privately-set profile.


My boss decided to take frustration out on me Friday because of a scheduling error that had nothing whatsoever to do with me, and felt the need to inform me that Boss knows I've been griping about my hours(note: Boss was off that day and just happened to be in the store). Um, yeah, for next week, which started today. Adding an hour on Friday would not have helped me for the coming week, and I also had unalterable plans anyway. Had the error been caught a day or so in advance, yeah, maybe I might have been able to adjust accordingly, not at the last second. However, Boss let me know that hours were only available to those willing to help. Really? You're going to withhold hours from me over an error I have no control of whatsoever? Give me a break.

So Friday evening I followed through with the plans, everything went fine and I cooled off about the whole thing. Saturday was my day off, so I relaxed. Today is also my day off, yet somehow I'm still managing to attract drama from work.

One of my co-workers who had commented on the aforementioned status wanted me to know another co-worker confronted her about what she commented. I'd also like to point out that this person does not have a Facebook account, and made it a point to tell the other co-worker that someone had showed it to her. So that leaves only a small handful of people on my friend list who also work with me, and I know most of them wouldn't do this.

So I made another status regarding the incident and tagged everyone I work with. I want the person stabbing me in the back and trying to cause trouble to know that I know what they're up to and that they aren't fooling anyone. I think after everything I've been through in the past year, I kinda deserve to have my frustrations so long as I don't purposefully take them out on anyone. And I try so hard not to; when I'm having a bad day, I try to keep myself busy somewhere in the back so I'm not ripping off a customer's head or tearing my co-workers a new hole from which to expel fecal matter.

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