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Friday, December 9, 2011

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Last night we had a Christmas visit! She's getting so big; she now weighs 15 pounds and is nearly two feet tall. She looks a lot like my husband. I had a birthday in November and used some of my birthday money to get her some Christmas presents. Some friends of ours also contributed to her first Christmas in a big way (they're so awesome for doing it, because they honestly did not have to).

Baby girl received:

- some custom-made shirts
- books
- baby Legos
- a stuffed princess Belle doll
- her own little tiara, brush & mirror
- a talking/singing purse complete with crinkling money, lipstick rattle, teething bracelet, another mirror, and plastic keys
- a cozy white knit cape jacket w/ a hood
- a pink footie outfit with bunnies on it
- sparkly headbands

I wrapped the jacket, bunny outfit and headbands and left the toys out, since I figured once the paper was off she wouldn't care too much about what was in the box. So she got to unwrap her very first present and decided she needed to taste the paper, as well as her doll, the crinkly money from the purse, and her headbands.

She loves to jabber and squeal and laugh. She's such a happy baby and I'm so glad she's happy and healthy. She can roll over and is currently working on trying to sit up on her own. She also likes to be stood up and "walked" around the room. She fusses a little when she's unhappy, but doesn't cry.

All of this at five months old.

Five months. It seems like only yesterday I was tickling her feet through my belly. And now she's trying to sit up. Oh! And she's beginning to teethe, so in another month or so she'll have her first tooth to show off when she smiles.

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