My wish is to give a voice to every birth mother who has ever been shunned and made to feel ashamed for giving her child the opportunity to have a better life.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

"Proud" parents

I woke this morning to find that a friend had posted the following as their status:

Having children was my choice. I gave up things and went without. It's a pity some parents choose to give up on their children so they don't have to sacrifice their lifestyle. I regret nothing!! It was, and still is, all for them. Copy and paste this if you are a PROUD parent who will always put your children first and never last!!

What should I have changed?
Should I have demanded a raise at work? [That would have been shot down in a heartbeat.]
Should I have demanded lower rent? [That would have been shot down as well.]
Should I have cancelled my phone service, rendering it nearly impossible for anyone to contact me? [My husband and I each have a cell phone, neither of which is used for internet, but is used to keep in touch with our families, friends, and work.]
Should I have let me electricity bill just fall by the wayside? [Our apartment is total electric, so that would mean no hot water, no air conditioning, no heat, and no way to cook food.]

I honestly wonder what people would have said to me if I had been single. It's likely that adoption would have been more readily accepted under that circumstance, but no. I am married; my husband and I have been married for one year, two months and a day.

My husband has tried to transfer out to another location, he has interviewed for promotions. His transfer requests have been denied by the manager of the store he currently works at and the promotion positions almost always go to someone they hire from outside of the store. Me, I cannot transfer and I was demoted in July the day before I had Baby Girl. And the reason I was demoted was, and still is, so incredibly stupid because it is something I cannot control. I cannot force customers to sign up for something they do not want. And I keep being told that if I want more hours, I have to start pulling in numbers.

Yes ma'am (or sir), with your puchase today you are eligible to try X amount of items free for X amount of days/months, but my management is making it mandatory that I trick you into signing up for this, so please bear with me one moment while I twist your arm back behind your back until you either give in and comply with this request or I hear a snap. Have a nice day.

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